egil olsen has been touring and releasing albums on his own little lable for over a decade. the norwegian singer/songwriter has, since his 2007 solo debut ‘i am a singer/songwriter’, released five critically acclaimed albums and done hundreds of live shows.

he has made music for tv, films and computer games. in the game ‘dreamfall - chapters’ there’s even a 3d animated egil olsen doing a full live performance inside the game! the versatile artist also makes his own music videos and artwork and an autobiographical comic strip about life as "a relatively unknown popstar”. a veteran in the norwegian underground, but unknown to most people on the planet. there’s even an egil olsen tribute album, with norwegian artists like thom hell, sondre lerche and robert post covering his songs.

egil olsen is a live performer out of the ordinary, balancing his vulnerable and melancholy songs with comedy and charming banter. he mostly performs solo, but often appears on stage with various band constellations. his latest release is a double live album, partly recorded at rockefeller, oslo, featuring an acoustic band, an electric band and an orchestra. egil olsen has done shows in germany, japan, china, the us and all over norway.

“Beyond beautiul songs.”

- Dagbladet

"One of the funniest and most peculiar artist we have"


"One of Norway's very best songwriters"

-Dagens Næringsliv


“A supreme entertainer.”

- Erik Valebrokk


“A genre of his own.”

- Klassekampen

“Strokes of genius!”

- Hamar Arbeiderblad

“Peculiar - and very nice."

- Gaffa


“Charming. Soulful. Funny as f$#%. Luminous. Smooth. Norwegian. Egil Olsen..”

- Michael, konsertomtale i LA på Instagram

"A bright and sparkling universe"

- Music in Belgium

"A master in making fragile pop songs that exposes his soul"


"Sparkles with honesty and warmth."

- Stage info

“Wonderfully rebellious”

- Nordische musik

“Timeless and intended for eternity”

- Musik Reviews

George Harrison would be delighted”

- Soultrain 4/5