nothing like the love i have for you
words and music by egil olsen

01. 1.000 songs (4 you (2 night))
02. toilet
03. home alone
04. nothing like the love i have for you
05. the heart is what we need the most
06. tomorrow tomorrow not today
07. sleep with you

08. hard work and fate
09. i just don't care (in a good way) anymore
10. let's go crazy
11. grow a heart
12. happy (i used to be)
13. dot
14. 2.000 instrumentals (8 me (4 day))

released oct #05 2009
iknowwhatyoudidlastrecords / tuba / big dipper

nothing like the love i have for you

nothing like the love i have for you is egil olsen's second album. an album about love. an album about peace. egil olsen sings about wanting to write a thousand songs for someone tonight. about forgiveness and getting a fresh start by flushing himself down the toilet. about being home alone and realizing that maybe it's time to be a man and propose. about falling in love with a lot of the girls he sees out on the street. about knowing that there's a heart in all bad boys. about takin it easy, saying no and postponing till tomorrow (feat. thom hell). about tossing and turning and crawling under the sheets, unable to fall a sleep. about the results of the combination of hard work and fate (feat. the ever enchanting jenny hval). about learning to not care, in a good way. about taking the car for a drive, lay back the seats and go crazy. about growing older, smarter without giving the world the cold shoulder. about wanting to be happy. about how it could be that he ended up with most beautiful dot in the whole universe.

the album was recorded at egil olsen's own studio in oslo, a boat house at the beautiful island giske and at audiofarm in ørsta. the very last thing recorded on the album, the sad boo hoo trumpet on i just don't care (in a good way) anymore, was recorded on a farm during the preparations to egil olsen's wedding.

while recording nothing like the love i have for you, egil olsen was on NRK radio P3 once a week to co-host the show pia and present a weekly cover of a hip hop classic. songs like rapper's delight, ice ice baby and boombastic were represented.


"after a few seconds i'm smiling from ear to ear which lasts throught all the fourteen short and wonderful songs."
6/6 - østlendingen

"one of the best norwegian albums of 2009. or THE best?"
5/6 -halden arbeiderblad

"this is a man about to take a solid step out from the shadows."
5/6 -ranablad

"beautiful rhymes and fables - realityshots so naked and naivly honest that even cynics can risk getting their belief in love back."
5/6 -ba

"you are pretty darn cynical if you're not charmed with this version of egil olsen."
5/6 -ta

"talk about putting people in a good, laughing and warm mood."
5/6 -varden

"the songs hold so much warmness -it's impossible to not be happy whilst listening."
7/10 -musikknyheter

"naivt - supert!"
4/6 -dagbladet

"we are not spoiled with good, idiosyncratic pop composers in this country, but we have some, and egil olsen is about to end up in the front row."
-dagens næringsliv

"geniously simple. plain and simple genius."

words and music by egil olsen

recorded at our little mansion, oslo
drums recorded at ocean sound recordings, giske
saxophone, organ and steel guitar at audiofarm, ørsta
sad trumpet recorded at the wedding farm, volda

drums: klaus robert blomvik
upright bass: martin foldal
lap steel: stig ulv
french horn: kari nøst hegseth and tora moe fause
clarinet: trond martin viken
saxophone: einar opsvik
trumpet: stian omenås
boo hoo trumpet: øyvind krøvel
cello: kaja fjellberg pettersen
violin: harpret bansal
violin and vocals on #12: karen rosenberg olsen
vocals on #06 #09 and #11: thom hell
vocals on #08: jenny hval

produced, recorded and mixed by egil olsen
mastered by svein erik åmås at audiofarm, ørsta